Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What was That? I don't know, but there it goes again.

One thing we will never run out of is opportunities to take pictures of animals. Here are a few we have met.

A few goats outside the Bacong Chapel, in the background. Some were rather small, as you can see.

The big white one is not a goat for you city slickers, and the hen with her chicks just had to be in the picture also. When you pull out a camera everyone, old and young, rush in to be in the picture.

Yes, there is a goat in this picture, too.

Next we have pigs. Unnoticed by us until we were editing the picture were the piglets in this shot. Who can find them first?

We came on this guy at 9 PM as we were walking back from the bukid, in America pronounced boondocks. At the end of World War II, the mountains of the Philippines is where the last of the Japanese were hiding "down in the boondocks". We had just completed a FHE with a very humble family. As I took this picture I warned Sister Parsons to be prepared to run. It is a Caribou (pronounced car - ee - b - ow) by the way.

I did not dare put anything near this for the photo, but it could not hide behind a baseball to give you an idea of its size.

Walking at night and after rainstorms we see a lot of these princesses in disguise. Sure glad I am not Prince Charming!

Everyone has a cow, and most are tied on the side of the road. They do not have a ring in their nose, but have a rope knotted through their nose and then just tied somewhere to graze and sleep for the day.

These two were lucky they had a field to live in. They, too, have a knotted rope through their nose.

We loved the colors on this one. The lola, grandmother, who is with him was plowing through the crops, and would stoop down occasionally to pick weeds.
She stayed down at times so long, I thought I might have to call an ambulance. And yes, they do have ambulances here, and yes, people do move over a little to allow them to pass when their sirens are blaring.

We now come to the infamous "Fighting Cocks" and not of South Carolina. These dudes are everywhere, and some are beautiful. Sister Parsons has starting calling them Sunday chickens, because a lot of Philippine folks' religion is to go to the "Cock Pits" every Sunday at 3 PM for the "Cock Fights".

These next four were all tethered in front of the local Catholic Chapel, we wondered if the locals here only had services on Saturday night?

Well, that's all folks, at least for tonight.

Love and kisses


ValSterByDe said...

so funny to see all the animals everywhere... the piglets were tiny:)

Gramps said...

Thanks Dee for the photo's. You are certainly experiencing some different sites and events. Thanks for serving! Dick Parsons aka gramps