Monday, July 21, 2008

On The Road to Siaton

On Sunday, July 13, 2008, we were invited to attend the dedication of the Siaton Chapel, in Siaton, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Siaton is about 60 Km from Sibulon where we live. The building is of the new international design which is being built in the Philippines and is beautiful. See for yourselves!!

The windows have bars, but also have glass. During meetings the windows are opened to allow outside air to circulate, but all rooms including the chapel are equip with ceiling fans. The chapel has at least 12 fans for circulation.

... and no LDS church in the Philippines is complete unless there is also a basketball court. The green van is the van of President Velasco. He fills it to the brim with District Choir members where ever he goes. He is also in the District Choir.

The Chapel is stunning!

The hallways are spacious

The man in the background is Brother Garcia one of the pioneers here in Siaton. He is such a hard worker at home and in the church. He was the Branch President but had to be released due to a brain tumor.

Elder Parsons communicating with the kids.

and Sister Parsons with the District Primary President.

The current Branch President, on the left, with President Helmut Wolf who is the 1st
Councilor in the Mission Presidency. President Wolf lives in the Sibulon Branch area where we live. We have weekly meetings with he and his wife.

This next picture is of Elder Teh of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy who came to give the dedicatory prayer as the final part of Sacrament Meeting.

This is Sister Teh along with Sister Wolf.

Some very excited members. This is Sister Barada with her children.

Sister Parsons will now be invited everywhere, because she brought along the food!!

The District Choir sang as part of the dedication. These are some of the members of that choir. This happens to be Brother and Sister Lantaka, also, the 1st councilor in the District Presidency along with his wife's sister who is Sister Velasco, wife of the District President.
Some other choir members

After such a wonderful day in Siaton, we felt like we needed to go back, which we did on Thursday. We felt a need to visit Sister Barada who was pictured earlier. She lives 20 Km further up the sea from Siaton. What a beautiful drive. On this trip we did not get any pictures of the beach. Those will need to be exhibited on a later post, but for now enjoy the sites of the Philippines.

The favorite place on a hot summer afternoon for a caribou. The caribou's skin is similar to a pig in that they constantly are looking for water, or preferably mud, to immerce themselves in.

Photos taken from the road into Siaton of rice fields.

We stopped by at the church and found this lady and her son trimming and cleaning the church grounds.

A couple of empty modes of transportation.
The Put-put, as opposed to a tricycle which would be a motorcycle with the sidecar.

The Jeepney

Two additional modes of transportation, this time for baboy, pigs.

A load for the market.

Chaffing rice on the side of the road. Does exhaust make it taste better?

Work day is done, but not yet for the caribou! Notice the boy filling water cans for the needs of his family. He will then put the full cans in a homemade, wooden wagon to transport to his home.

This man, we thought, wanted us to come closer for a better picture, when in fact he wanted us to come closer so he could ask us for money. "Hey, Joe." All Americans are called Joe, after GI Joe.

'til next time.
Elder and Sister Parsons


Gramps said...

Some of your pictures remind us of Thailand. The new chapel is really nice. Appears they have open windows with bars. Hope your mission continues to go well and you are blessed with safely and good health.

Gram said...

I second what my husband said. It really looks lots like Thailand. The pig picture, especially. We would see these big fat pigs going down the road in baskets. Even the transportation looks the same and we were there in 1974-76. The chapel is beautiful and looks as if everyone had a great time at the dedication. Cenia

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful glows! Colter and Cale liked the Caribu and wanted to know if the one in the mud was real. Love you

Ashcraft Family said...

What a beautiful sight. I bet this experience is without words. I think the picture of you two cheering midair sums it up. We pray for you and love you.

LaRene said...

You are awesome! After reading this blog(a couple times)I know Heavenly Father loves you too! After climbing all those stairs at the falls...You are awesome!