Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids -- Always Happy No Matter What

Yes, 10 in this family (only 7 pictured). The Dad is the custodian at the Bacong Chapel. He and his kids walk to the chapel 4-5 times a week, including Sundays for church.

John Edward, just ordained to be a Deacon last week.

Each new Deacon needs a white shirt and a tie. It costs 60 Pesos, about $1.25, but it is Priceless!

Maribel, who we are teaching the lessons to. She is thinking of an August 10th baptism date. She lives with John Edward's family and helps around the house with chores and the children.

A little pick up game waiting for the baptism to start.

We arranged for our new Mission President's wife to go on an appointment with us and the Sister Missionaries and found this crew.

Mom wasn't home for the FHE, but the kids were.

When we finally get our apartment pictures up, out our back window we see a street with a Church and Seminary, where pastors are trained for the Church. We drove back there one day and found some real cuties pictured in the next 3 photos.

The kids at the Siaton dedication.

Geraldine, on the left is getting baptized, also on the 10th of August, being taught by the Elders. She was raised in Siaton, but now is the house help of the Anasario family of which the daughter, Rue is pictured here. Rue is the Branch and District pianist.

The art of making sand balls. Who would of thunk it?

...and more art in the sand.

Two of our personal favorite future apostles. They were baptised in the last month and such a joy to be around!

Jerico and Vincent.

Buddies on the way to a baptism at the beach.

The Bread of Life deserves the Bread of Sister Parsons as well, following Vincent's baptism.

Jerico bearing his testimony on his baptism day.

Just too cute to pass up!!

These four nephews (everyone is a nephew, whether male or female, these happen to be all female) showed up at a FHE we held. One of them even came to church the next day.

My friend Levy was just too tired to walk back to the car after this FHE. It was only a 1 Km walk in the dark.

This is outside a local school at lunch time. The uniform is pink which means it is a private school we have determined. All public schools, it seems, have a navy blue uniform.

The big kids are also happy!

These boys with their parents were baptised this last Saturday. As the one on the right went into the font, we verified his name to be Jules and he was baptised. The other went into the font and we verified his name to be Jasper, and he was baptised. The Sister Missionaries then noticed that they were reversed, and both had then to be baptised using their correct name. I guess they were so happy to be baptised they didn't care which name we used.

The Primay youth choir singing at Jules and Jasper's Family Baptism. Pretty Special!!


ValSterByDe said...

such big and beautiful smiles!
what a beautiful and happy people... probably connected, maybe we could learn a thing or two!

Anonymous said...

Lots of work going on for lots of people. Lots of Baptisms and lots of service...lots of fun!

Gramps said...

Happy smiles and eager for a photo. They remain happy with so little compared to our lives. Thanks for your example and service.