Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Casa Roro Falls -- P Day

Elder and Sister Parsons head off on an adventure in the mountains. We drove to Valencia with hopes of finding the Casa Roro Falls. We first found some bananas growing on a tree beside the road.

The church was our next discovery where we talked with the Branch President who happened to be at the building. President Wilson is the foreman of church renovations locally in the Negros and his chapel is getting a face lift. We found the bamboo scaffolding amazing!

After a nice visit we asked how to find the falls. He said just follow this road and follow the signs. We drove for a ways until we could drive no more. We actually parked in the middle of the road, and after two locals both said the falls are only 1 Km we set off. This flowering tree was along the way, I still think it was more than 1 Km, maybe 1 Km UP cause most of the trail (dalan) was at a steep angle.

Finally, we came to a sign that indeed the falls were on the end of this path. We paid our 10 pesos and asked, "How far to the falls from here?" The lady said, "Oh, about 15 minutes."

This sign gave us an indication of what was before us, but we trudged on.

We came to this stairway which appears to have no bottom. Although, we do feel the earth move under our feet, we assume due to the intensity of what lies ahead so we trudge on with anticipation.

We realized we were above the trees, and we know how tall trees can be, but we trudged on.

Yonder is the top of a coconut tree and we trudged on.

and we trudged on.

Hey, Sister do you hear water? There is hope, I see water. and we trudged on.

and we trudge on with renewed energy!

We now walk along the stream bed. The mist and recent rain make for slippery going, but further we trudge.

This is quite amazing Sister. I feel like Gulliver here at Casa Roro Falls. I am sure glad we made this trip, (giggle, giggle) and we trudged on.

It's got to be here somewhere. Is that it up there, Sister?

By Jove, I think we found it. We did, we did! We did find it. The sign even says we found it.

How big is it? Let me closer, please.

Come back Elder. Come back.

Oh, to be a butterfly. This is one of many we observed in a multitude of colors and sizes.

The foliage is simply lush and beautiful. I am sure God saw it and said, "It is very good!"
One last look before we turn around and head back.

More luscious plants which we have no idea what they are called except beautiful.

and some are so large as well.

Maybe, we could just camp here and head back out tomorrow, Elder.

What do you mean, Sister? Are you saying we have to walk back out of here?

I think we had better stop and take a picture. This looks interesting, and I have no idea what it is either.

Are you counting these stairs, Sister? No, but I know you are Elder!

Oh here is something else to take a picture of. Oh no, I'm not tired. Are you? You say it looks like a Papaya. That's nice.
Hey, Sister, there were only 336 stairs up. I know there were 338 when we went down. Quiet Elder, we'll find the missing two next time.

This is washed coconut tree fiber which is drying to be used in a variety of ways.

Some of the most colorful Cocks we have seen were right here along the road coming down from Casa Roro Falls.

Another interesting plant we have no name for.

The end of a wonderful day in paradise.
Elder and Sister Parsons


Gramps said...

I love your narrative on your blog. Thanks for sharing your trip to the falls. You must count stairs like my wife does. I bet you slept good that night.

ValSterByDe said...

wow, what a hike! thanks for making us feel a part of it... kind of, I am sure my legs aren't nearly as sore as yours are... tee hee hee.
what a beautiful place... I was comparing the lush green against the snowy faces of Rocky and Ebony, what a contrast!

Anonymous said...

What a trip...the boys loved going on it with you.

Gram said...

Very interesting trip to the falls and your narrative was good as well. I can tell Sister Parsons has better knees than this Sister Parsons. We saw lots of beautiful plants in Thailand and in Korea that we had no idea of what they were. That was quite the waterfall!
Good "P" day activity for you.