Friday, December 26, 2008

"Medical" Topics from Provencial Hospital

Update on Ricky Engresso
He is home and in great spirits, still believing he will be healed. He has started to have feelings in his lower body, albeit pain, but feeling at least. He also has movement in his toes! We still visit at least every other week. You may make out in this picture the wheel from his wheelchair just outside the door, and his Gospel Principles manual which is sitting on his copy of the Ang Basahon ni Mormon and Hymn Book.

The Elders and Sisters of the Dumaguete Zone, from Bayawan to Sibulan, chose as a service project during their Christmas Party to go caroling at the Hospital. This Picture is taken on the front "porch" of the hospital.
The Sisters were also lined up on the "porch". It took about 30 minutes to make the arrangements even though we were pre-approved to come on by.

Every where is the influence of the Catholic Church from the schools to the hospitals, even this public hospital. Many folks as they come through the front door stop for a little prayer at this vestibule whether it is gated closed as in this picture or if it is open for entry.

This begins the journey from Brother Doroy's house to our car to transport him to the hospital. Brother Doroy is 82 years old and speaks English very well. He is a farmer and lives up in the Bukid (mountains) above Sibulan. We found out he was ill and went to visit a few times before he decided he better go on to the hospital.

He is being transported on a hand truck, old dolly, which a neighbor allowed us to use. The neighbor is in the front. The man in the blue t-shirt is President Joselito Lumanog, Branch President in Sibulan. Above in the ball cap is Brother Edgardo Espina who is First Counselor in the Elder's Quorum as well as Branch Mission Leader. He has the effects of polio from when he was young, but you can't hold this dear brother down.

We finally made it to the car and rolled Brother Doroy up in a blanket and stuffed him in the backseat. The walk out was about 1 kilometer and we had to cross one stream, also, one small hills.

We put him in the hospital on Thursday, and he died on Saturday morning. We knew it was his time to go.
Going to Young Women's Standard Night tonight.
Love to all!!


Anonymous said...

good news of healing and bad news of death. Isn't it so wonderful to have the eternal picture?

ValSterByDe said...

thanks for the update on Ricky, we have been wondering.
sounds like the brother had a good long life, glad his suffering is over! and I agree with Haws', nice to have the eternal perspective!