Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day in the Philippines

After delivery of 11 loaves of bread on Christmas morning and with one loaf left we felt that feeling to go and visit Sister Barada in Siaton. We found her doing laundry and trying to stay positive, as we found out that it was 3 years ago on Christmas Day when her husband died after being attacked and stabbed by a drunkard. We found, also, as we responded to the impression of the Spirit to visit Sister Barada that we were rewarded with joy and peace while enjoying Sister Barada and her three children, and the beauties of creation on God's green and serene earth.

This beach was just down a path from Sister Barada's house.

After shedding some shoes and rolling up some trousers for Elder it was off to wading in the surf and scouring the sand for sea shells of which we found dozens.

Too soon it was time to walk back up the path to the National Highway...

...and Sister Barada's balay. (house)

While driving back to Sibulan, we stopped at our favorite pit stop in Siaton, when this multi-cap drove up. Our first thought was that someone got married on Christmas Day. We could find no proof by way of a bride. Only these young men, and upon closer inspection all the ribbons are made of the receipt rolls from a cash register. Sooo funny!! But, then again, so appropriate that for some folks the revelery of Christmas is in the shopping and the buying not in the Christ child and the celebration of His birth.

Hoping your Christmas was merry, and Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!

Elder and Sister Parsons

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Tami Haws said...

We hope you guys had a safe Merry Christmas, Love the Haws Family, TJ Tami Jaxson and little Maddox