Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Parties

Just thought I would add a few more pictures of the people and their celebrations during the recent holiday season. Every year the Primary has a "musical celebration". This year it was Christmas Around the World. Sibulan Branch, in a draw out of the hat, was awarded Hawaii for their performance. That was a good thing as Sister Parsons got to teach the Hukilou to the youth.
This first is of Trixie. You can't get a better smile than from her as she runs to greet Sister Parsons or I. In this picture you will not see her smile, but she still shows personality.

This is Jose and EmJo. Jose just turned 12 and became our youngest deacon. He is on the left. EmJo is the Primary President's son and is 4 years old.

This picture was taken just before I switched to video. The video is great I just can't get a video to load into the blog. I assume it is because of the speed of the server, so you will just have to wait for the video until we come home.

Bacong Branch drew the US of A. These are not cat in the hat hats but Uncle Sam. The kids danced the waltz and some line dances. Kinda cool!

This shot is before the performance. The lady on the left is the Primary President. The one on the right is a Primary worker recently reactivated. Her sons are the boy, Christian, in yellow and the one in the hat on the far right of the group. His name is Nimrud.

This is a Branch party in November. The first activity in Sibulan Branch in over two years. The family is President Lumanog's along with a non-member they invited. Actually, the two girls which have joined them are not their daughter, Levi, but a neighbor's daughter, RoseMarie, and the Activity Committee Chairman's daughter, Elly.

This is Rue and Romil Anasario doing the Jitterbug. They are siblings. Rue is 20 and serves in the Branch as Sacrament Meeting pianist, 2nd Councilor in the YW, Branch missionary, and, District choir pianist. We recently released her from her callings of Sunday School Teacher and Relief Society Teacher. Romil is 17. He is a Primary Teacher and 2nd Assistant in the Priest's Quorum. They both are full time students at the local University. Rue has one year remaining to graduation as a nurse.

This is the Taylan family. The young man in the front is their house help named Romil. Inday is on the back right. Her husband works full time in Saudi Arabia and gets to come home, maybe once a year. The children are Ally (8), Eppi (9), and BimBim (12).

This is the Perez family. The father of this family works full time in Manila and has for at least the last 5 years. Sister Perez and Sister Taylan are sisters and live in their Mother's home with her and their children. The Perez children are Kenneth (15, not pictured), Ena (13), and Anjelo (11).

Well, that's all for now. Love ya' all!!

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ValSterByDe said...

is this 2 different parties? or is all that dancin' in one night?, whew, I am tired just looking at it. Beautiful!