Sunday, November 30, 2008

On The Road -- A Site for Sore Eyes

A motorcycle bite which was experienced by the automobile driven by Elder Nebrada in Bacong.

These little Rusco trucks are very popular both on the back of trucks being hauled in and ........

On the sales lot, and on the street. The man's uniform standing in the middle of the road says he is a "traffic control officer." I hope you can appreciate the irony of that, since there is no control of traffic in the Philippines. He is standing in front of a school at Maslog, just 500 meters towards town from our apartment. His main function is to watch for a break in traffic and hussle the students across the street without them getting hit.

This is a shot of downtown Dumaguete just after festival. These are the streamers which will soon show up on a rice field near you. The business on the left called Greenwich is a pizza place. Just past it is a smaller maul. On the right side of the street under the blue tarp is our fruit vendor where we buy mangos. They have also lately had Washington apples which we have enjoyed with peanut butter. They also recently had plums which were enjoyed at the couple missionaries apartment.

What we have here is referred to as a MacArthur named after the US General from WWII.

Just a family walking along thru the construction site we were parked in for Sister Parsons to visit the local dress making shop.

Another family's mode of transportation while waiting at the dress making shop, public transportation.
and anothers mode of getting around, also public transportation.

Some families pick private transportation, but choose to travel in disguise, I guess.

but all do not travel in disguise after all.

A good look at the construction site. They seem to have more road construction than Denver and Wyoming combined. We think they have a meeting at midnight and decide, "Hey, lets see how the public responds to us tearing up this stretch of the road." Then within hours the pavement is no longer on the street. They don't even wait until one project is finished before the next is started.

What is so interesting?

The runway begins, or ends I guess, at the edge of the National Highway between our house and Dumaguete, and every day 4-6 airline airplanes land and and take off. The road comes to a standstill as everyone stops and observes the take offs. The landings are not as well observed because the planes kinda just appear out of nowhere.

Well, that's all for now.
Catch ya'all later.

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