Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello, It's Us Again

The cleaning method of choice in the Philippines. These brooms and dustpans are everywhere. They even sweep up the ground in front of their houses. These happen to be in the back foyer of the church on Pinili St. in Dumaguete.

A site we see quite often is the caribou pulling a cart. We were waiting for this one to pass so we could get to the next scene.
This is on the beach in Sibulan where we drive by on the way to the Fontelo home.

The Filipinos are equal opportunity employers as you can see below that Cattle also may serve as engines for the carts.

I am confident they were not about to milk this animal despite the presence of the bucket, and if they had they would been out of luck. We really liked the coloring on this animal.

The washing was completed and this seemed like a handy place to get the clothes dry. This scene is in Siaton.

This shot is of the beach where Lolo (Bampa) and Lola (Bamma) scoured to find the shells we sent to the mga Apo (Grandkids). The tides come in and out often and each time the roots of the shoreline trees get weaker and weaker until the trees give up and become floaters. We had tuna fish sandwiches on the beach on the day we found the shells.

One day we will have to stop and read the sign on this historical site. It is right on the Boulevard which runs up and down the beach in Dumaguete.

I really didn't realize that you could tie a baboy (pig) to a tree and expect that it would be there when you returned, but it happens all the time, we observe.

but then to lead them around, one handed even, really tells me that these pigs are entirely different from the ones we raised in Erie. This hog, by the way, is penned behind our apartment. We took this shot from our bedroom window which is, approximately, 100 yards from the pig. I love a good zoom lens.

Well, that's all for now.

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Gram said...

I loved your photos and the descriptions of them. It certainly reminds me of living in Thailand. It seems as if you have adjusted well to your environment in the Philippines. Bangkok didn't have close beaches like the area where you live but periodically we would take a Branch outing to go to the beach and enjoy the day. We had a great Thanksgiving here and have put up our Christmas decorations. Have a good week! Cenia