Friday, June 27, 2008


Sister Parsons and I had a wonderful experience tonight. We went over to visit Edgardo Espina who had invited his grandchildren over for FHE with us tonight. We waited but all that showed up were Mojandray, 11, and Edel, 4. The picture is of Brother Espina and Mojandray. Edel is in picture with Obedencia family in last post.

Mojandray's Mother will not let him come to church. Well, Mojandray and Edel started playing marbles. I asked Mojandray if he knew about the prophet in the Book of Mormon with his same name, and he did not. I told him that he also had used marbles as he and his people were needing light in their barges to cross the ocean, that Mojandray had prayed to the Lord with his problem and the Lord told him to figure it out and come back. Mojandray then made some marbles out of molten rock and took them to the Lord and prayed that he would touch them and make them glow, thus he could put one in each end of the barge to provide light. Mojandray then saw the finger of the Lord touch the marbles and he fell down afraid. The Lord asked Mojandray why he had fallen down, and Mojandray said, because he was afraid. He did not know the Lord had a finger. The Lord then asked Mojandray if he believed in the Lord, and he said yes, I believe. The Lord then showed his whole body to Mojandray because of his great faith. The boy, Mojandray, in the picture was just grinning from ear to ear, and was so excited, especially when he heard the part about the Lord showing his whole body. It sure was neat.

We then sang, "If you chance to meet a Frown, Do not let it Stay, Quickly turn it Upside Down, and Smile that Frown Away." He wanted to sing the song over and over and asked for a copy of the words. Sister Parsons not only wrote down the words but drew the picture of the face that looks like a frown one way, but when you turn it over it looks like a smile. Edel also needed a picture.

We then asked Brother Espina if he could go to Jershon's with us. He said it is dark, are you sure. We said, yes we want to go and deliver to him bread from Sister Parsons. He said he would go, but lets take Brother Lomanog, too. We said OK. Brother Espina then left with us, but chose to be barefoot. We went to see if Brother Lomanog was available, which he was, and he brought his whole family.

This is the Lomanog family. He is the Branch Executive Secretary. Her name is Vivian and the daughter is Levi, pronounced Lev (like level) e (like Dee). So the six of us jumped in our car and went to our apartment to get the bread that Sister Parsons had baked earlier today. We invited them in and we broke bread together, with butter and/or peanut butter. Pure joy.

We then, by the way, it is now 8 PM, jumped back in the car to drive about 4 Km to the path to Jershon's house. We had gone there before, but found that Jershon is a student and does not come home until after 7 PM at night, so the pictures are from the dry run.

This is the street where we parked.

This is the stairway from the street.

This is the pathway to the beach.

Then a gentle 400 meter walk up the beach to Jershon's house. He was not at home but they sent a runner to where he was at playing pool and he soon arrived. We were able to deliver his bread and invite him to church.

Now for the rest of the story: Brother Espina had polio as a youth and drags a leg as he walks. As Sister Parsons and I discussed it after dropping everyone off, we could not see why his family cannot feel the power of his strong testimony of the church. We decided they could not look beyond his physical weakness to behold a spiritual giant. For that is what Brother Espina is! What a wonderful man. On the way back, he sat in the front seat with me and I heard him whispering to himself, which caused me to see blurry for a minute. He said, "We are so blessed to have a Missionary Couple. We are so blessed."

I saw God today.

Elder and Sister Parsons


Anonymous said...

Yes they are truly blessed. We love you.

Gram said...

Great story. The people are so humble in different areas. It really touches your heart (and eyes). We had similar like experiences in Thailand and also in Korea on our mission. Keep up the good work!