Friday, June 20, 2008

Love is Blind Keep Distance

A Bumper Sticker on a Tricycle (taxi cab) in Dumaguete is what inspired the Title to this post! This is a motorcycle with a side car welded on. It not only carries passengers but all kinds of cargo, even our table was transported 6 kilometers atop a tricycle.

This is a tricycle, but not a true picture for best meaning. Will add better pictures in a later post.

For now though, let me back track to the flight to the Philippines then bring you to the present as time permits.

We left SLC on Saturday night at 9:30 PM and flew to LAX. After a three hour layover in LA we boarded a plane for Taipei, Tiawan. We found the airport in Tiawan to be very clean, so any of you planning on coming to the Olympics in China will probably also experience Taipei.
Could someone please direct me to the CR? (CR is the name used for rest rooms in the Philippines, it means Comfort Room)

Eva Airlines was what we flew from LA all the way to Manila in the Philippines. It was a very comfortable way to fly. Each seat had its own movie screen in the back of the seat in front with a wide array of movies, TV shows, and music to choose from. It is a good thing, as the first flight was 13 hours and 50 minutes long. Even though the seats were wider than a normal airplane seat both Lisa and I found it impossible to sleep. Lisa watched 4 movies, I played Zuma and watched 2 movies.

Also found these rooms at the Taipei airport. There were 3 seperate rooms to choose from, I am only including one picture. The other two were Muslim and Christian.
This was an interesting sign which was also at the Taipei airport. If you went to the side and looked out the window, it appeared that the door opened into thin air about 3 stories above the railroad track below, which gave us a chuckle. Then again after 24 hours without sleep what didn't give us a little chuckle.
From Manila airport,

our final leg to Cebu City was on Philippine Airlines. After 34 hours of travel, 19 of which was in the air we were greeted by Elder Ehorn and Elder Colina the Assistents to President Anderson who transported us to the mission home for a meal and a horizontal bed, aaaahhhhh, nighty nighty.
This picture was actually after one of our two ferry rides on our way to Dumaguete where they also picked us up. They had driven our car down from Cebu to Dumaguete, but to illustrate I add their picture here.

This is all I am putting in tonight, will add more another time got to keep a missionary schedule after all.

Love to all, and unlike the title, I wish you could all be here, there is no need to keep your distance, you know!!

Elder and Sister Parsons

P.S. Oh, there is so much more to write and show!


ValSterByDe said...

yay, nice to see pictures and hear somemore details.
work hard, we are sure proud of you!
the ValSterByDe's

Anonymous said...

Glad to get the updates from Dad. Is mom going to add to the blog at all? Would love to hear some of her perspective as well!! We sure love the way Cale has landed you in the are no longer blessed in prayers just flying in the airplane. Can you imagine a 2 week flight? Love you

Jacob said...

I was glad to get the e-mail from you reminding me that you have this blog. I love seeing the pictures from the Philippines, it brings back so many memories. Also, I wanted to let the two of you know that Alysa had our baby. There's a few pictures posted up on our blog ( Unta magpadayon kamo sa pagtuon sa Cebuano. Ayo ayo!

Summer Haws said...

Dee and Lisa,
It is so good to see pictures and hear of your travel so far. It is good to hear that you are getting settled in and baking bread already! I will be sure to let everyone in the ward know of your blog address so they can keep in touch as well. Take care and hope to hear and see more soon.
Summer, Isaac and Alexis