Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom's Day and Sterling's Graduation

Sterling and Valarie invited Lisa down to celebrate Mother's Day last Sunday and I tagged along, besides I just had to take a few pictures of Shelby.

Then today was graduation day for Sterling and his sister, Shannon, which meant another trip to Ft. Collins to visit and eat off the BBQ grill. Although, the steaks we had on Mother's Day were certainly better tasting than the hambergers and hot dogs we ate today.

This first picture is of Cashlynn and Kellee. Cashlynn has decided that dancing is all that makes her happy while she is awake. (Of course, eating is the other thing that makes her happy, but Kellee wouldn't let me take a picture of that.)

Next, a few pictures of Valarie and a lot more of Shelby.

She was wearing her cheerleader outfit to cheer on her Daddy!

Also got to practice a few of her cheerleader moves with her Uncle Tyler, Shannon's husband.

Oh, and there were two graduates at the party as well, so Heeeeerrrrrrreeeesssss --- Sterling

What is this thing anyway? The modern engineer doesn't use these, Do they?


Those two are not nearly as cute as the granddaughters and Grandma Lisa, at least to me.

Then again, "there is still food on the table. We better do something about that," Cale said.

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Anonymous said...

what a fun page...oh my the pictures of Shelby are so great! What cute grandkids you have...he, he.